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Smoking and Tobacco

The London Health Observatory are the national lead PHO for smoking and tobacco use. The LHO smoking web page contains useful information, resources and links, included smoking prevalence results from the Integrated Household Survey.

LHO publish Local Tobacco Control Profiles on behalf of all the English PHOs.

Indicators related to smoking prevalence, smoking attributable mortality and NHS Stop Smoking Services are included in Fingertips.

The National Library for Public Health brings together information and evidence around tobacco, including best practice in smoking cessation services, commissioning, tobacco control, campaigns and interventions, and policy.

The National Social Marketing Centre has produced a Value for Money tool in collaboration with NICE and leading health economists.

Data and Analyses
Smoking prevalence, morbidity and mortality
  Local Tobacco Control Profiles for all Local Authorities and PCTs in England.  
  The East of England Lifestyle Survey gives PCT estimates of smoking prevalence and quit attempts. The results of the survey can also be used to compare the 20% most deprived MSOAs within a PCT to the rest of the PCT.  
  The Information Centre publishes regular statistical collections on smoking behaviour, harm and costs. For the latest collections click here.  
  The Compendium of population health indicators published by the NHS Information Centre contains various measures of tobacco use and its health effects, including the following indicators at national, regional and in some cases LA and/or PCT level.
  • Cigarette smoking
  • Cotinine level
  • Mortality from lung cancer
  • Smoking among patients with selected conditions
  • Smoking cessation advice for patients with selected conditions
  • Years of life lost due to mortality from lung cancer
Young people
  The results of the Smoking, Drinking and Drug Use Among Young People in England survey are published by the Information Centre.  
NHS Stop Smoking Services
  Quarterly and annual reports of the NHS Stop Smoking Services , including number setting a quit date, 4-week quitters and pregnant women setting a quit date, by PCT and SHA, are published by the Information Centre.

Reports and Resources
Erpho Publications
Tobacco Policy

National tobacco policy is driven by the Choosing Health White Paper , published in 2004.

NHS East of England pledged to reduce the number of smokers in the region by 140,000 as part of the Improving Lives; Saving Lives strategy.

NICE guidance

The National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) have published several pieces of public health guidance related to smoking cessation and tobacco control.

  Brief interventions and referral for smoking cessation
  Preventing the uptake of smoking by children and young people
  Smoking cessation services
  Workplace interventions to promote smoking cessation

Smokefree England

From 1st of July 2007 virtually all enclosed public places and workplaces in England will become smokefree. A smokefree England will ensure a healthier environment, so everyone can socialise, relax, travel, shop and work free from secondhand smoke.

This website provides you with information about the new legislation and lets you know how you can play an important part in creating a smokefree England.

Smokefree Alliances East of England

Local actions on tobacco are carried out by alliances. An alliance is a collaboration of agencies that pursue a set of agreed goals for local delivery of tobacco control. Typical membership of an alliance can include representatives from health, local authorities and voluntary organisations.

The main roles for Alliances include:

  • Strengthening and enhancing local capacity for action on tobacco control
  • Supporting the implementation of “Smoking Kills” – the tobacco White Paper (1998)
  • Influencing policy change at a local level

There are six alliances in the East of England. To find out about the work of your local alliance and how to contact them, click on the county that best suits you.

   Bedfordshire and Luton
   Cambridgeshire and Peterborough
ASH Action on Smoking and Health

APHO has endorsed the 2008 ASH publication Beyond Smoking Kills: Protecting Children, Reducing Inequalities

Smoking Toolkit Study

The Smoking Toolkit Study is a monthly series of national household surveys with smokers and recent ex-smokers, providing evidence on smoking and smoking cessation.

Deaths from Smoking

This website provides, for each of 40 developed countries (and 5 groupings of countries, such as the European Union), estimates of the number of deaths caused by smoking. Where possible, it also describes the trends in the numbers of deaths caused by smoking